Greetings Friends!  We decided to close for the remainder of 2020 and reopen in the spring of 2021.  We'll be busy making some exciting changes to our interior that we're sure you'll love!

We look forward to serving you so please, wear your mask, wash your hands and social distance.    

Fins Eatery and Pub

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The seven deadly Fins

^ Ignoring our nicely done at the local ups store STOP signs and entering before being assigned a table 

^ Not sanitizing your hands upon entering

^ Walking around after being seated unless you need to go potty

^ Not wearing your mask any time you are standing up

^ Trying to circumvent the SLA mandates for bar service

^ Not social distancing in the front of our building while waiting for takeout

^ giving us a hard time about any of the above


We are morally and legally responsible to keep our guests and staff safe at all times.  Our precautions have all been thoughtfully considered before being implemented.  Our floors are marked, Covid 19 posters are up, sanitizer is available, mask bags are handy, tables and chairs are sanitized after every guest.  Touch points are sanitized on a regular basis, staff is masked and wear gloves and we use 3M Filtrete 1900 furnace filters.  Thank you for being considerate and respecting our dine in/pick up requirements.  

Thank You and stay safe!

David and Mary Roberts 

Because we have had push back on our in place Covid-19 requirements to dine in, we have found it necessary to address our Seven Deadly Fins. They were implemented for the following reasons:

1) Four giant stop signs were purchased to remind guests that this is not a normal time in our history.  The pandemic has changed the way we dine out; we now have requirements that must be followed to keep us all safe. Others may have people posted inside, we don't. We ask CDC questions, and make sure a table and chair is sanitized and ready for guests.

2) Hand sanitizer is used when you come in so you are freshly sanitized before touching anything.

3) We need to be confident what we have sanitized stays that way. This may be a difficult one, especially for children but please understand, as with the rest of our requests it has been thoughtfully considered.  All tables have a view of tanks so please explain to your children before coming in and lol you may need to explain to adults in your party; there is no walking around.  When you visit again ask to be seated in another area if you want to view different fish.  We are kindly asking you respect this request; no one is so special that this does not apply to them.

4) Masks only work when worn, and worn properly.  If you walk around without one you are possibly spreading the virus.

5) The SLA (State Liquor Authority) has requirements for sitting at a bar. We go a step further.  The bartender has recently finished up chemotherapy so to keep him safe we have eliminated bar seating.  There is not a six foot distance between the guests at our bar and him so the contact time is much greater with guests not wearing a mask. If you choose to sit at a table each guest must order dinner to enjoy a few drinks. Those choosing to only eat an app will be limited to two drinks.  If you want the full on bar experience (we owned three bars in the past so we get it!) there are plenty of other places to do that, go enjoy!  This seems to be the most difficult to accept Seven Deadly Fin, for whatever reason.  Please understand it is what it is and we are allowed as business owners to set our own requirements.  Being rude won't change these rules.  No one is so special that rules do not apply to them. 

6) Social distancing is a requirement mandated by the NYS Department of Health.

7) Finally, you may feel differently about the virus than we do.  That is your progroative but as the owners of Fins we have our own as well, hence the Seven Deadly Fins.  This is an undoubtedly difficult time for all of us, especially restaurant owners.  When you give us or other restaurant owners a hard time it just makes it even more difficult. That's not fair and its not polite. Our circumstances are not that of other restaurants or bars, please remember that. While we appreciate you wanting to visit Fins, the health and welfare of our other guests, staff, and owners is first and foremost our most important priority.  Stay safe.